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ITTN Commits to Sustainability on World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is a day that we as an industry celebrate the benefits of tourism on communities across the globe, but it also allows us time to pause and reflect on the not so positive elements of Tourism and us gives us an opportunity to re-commit to promises we make as tourism professionals.

Here at ITTN we have worked hard to deliver a very exciting line up at our upcoming awards but we have also worked hard to introduce industry leading elements on the night that will ensure our footprint is only on the dance floor and not on the planet. 

For example, we will be using luxury silk flowers instead of real flowers for displays, we will not be producing mass copies of booklets or menus, but providing a table by table QR code making us a paperless awards ceremony, and we have spent months working hard to design an energy efficient stage and design that will ensure that no matter what happens our lights will be on but our energy usage will be low.  


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