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ITAA Conference Day One

And that’s a wrap of day 1 of the ITAA conference #itaainalentejo

Today we’ve heard from the following speakers after an incredible opening from ITAA President Paul Hackett.  

Marc Duggan, Branch Manager McCarthy Insurances updated us on all things Insurance.

Jennifer Lee, General Manager CB and Associates talked about the 3 R’s Recruitment, Retention and Remote working. 

Jennifer outlined the key trends that we will see in the coming years and how to motivate staff, it seems the new generation of employees will thrive in an open and inclusive organisation and the new generation will teach the longer serving team members instead of the traditional formula of longer serving staff teaching the newer members in the team. 

Carlos Ferreirinha of MCF Consultoria gave the crowd an inspirational pep talk and called us all GODS! He advised the group to focus on luxury and upsell. 

An old work colleague of mine Marc Kazlauskas, President US Branch Operation & Leisure Division Frosch told us that we are about 3 months behind the US and that we should prepare for the wave of business that is coming our way. Particularly in the leisure market. David Moon Head of Business Development at the Advantage Travel Partnership updated us on what the trends are among the members and how we should support your customers and he also told us that ‘circumstance’ was driving business to our doors. 

We then wrapped up the session with 4 key experts in the Sustainable world, we had Joao Wengorovius Meneses, Secetary General, BCSD Portugal, Prue Stone, Group Head of Sustainability at Hotelplan UK, Marta Cabral, CEO Rota Vicentina Association and Rob Rankin, Managing Director, Sustainable Travel Ireland.   

Then we had a closing conversation with Paul Hackett, ITAA President about ITAA members collaboration & partnership. 

Onwards and upwards – I’m now off to get ready for an incredible dinner in a charming 15th century Convento do Espinheiro Historical Hotel & Spa, and tomorrow we visit the medieval town of Monsaraz and then take a walking tour of our host town of Evora, finishing the conference with a gala dinner in the 14th century castle, Pousada de Estremoz.


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