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Irish Travel Trade Experiencing Increase in Fraud Activity

The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) is advising its members to be extra vigilant following an increase in online and phone fraud activity. In recent weeks a number of ITAA members nationwide have experienced credible attempts by fraudsters to manipulate or trick their staff through targeted emails and phone calls.

One incident involved an attempted credit card scam to purchase hotel rooms. The query came in by phone and was followed up through email. In most incidences, the fraudsters have attempted to extract confidential data and divert funds being sent from one person or organisation to another.

Pat Dawson, ITAA Chief Executive, said: “We are calling on our members, and all retailers, to be vigilant of any type of enquiry along these lines and to report to your credit card provider any suspicious activity or transactions.”

In order to guard against such attacks, the ITAA is advising businesses to be on the lookout for unusual activity around transactions, to ensure their email system is up to date and secure, and to use two-factor authentication where possible.


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