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InteleTravel Launches Into Ireland

UK homeworking business, InteleTravel, has launched in the Republic of Ireland.

InteleTravel states that an Irish website, www.InteleTravel.com.co, has been set up for the 200+ Irish agents they advise who have joined InteleTravel at their launch.

They state that partner contracts have been negotiated to allow trading in euros and mandatory training which is relevant to Irish requirements has also been introduced. The company advises that mandatory training includes a full understanding of the Tour Operator Payment Protection System (TOPPS), Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act and Data Protection Commission which applies to GDPR in Ireland. A dedicated events programme has been put in place with an “Ireland Agent Welcome” held at Dublin Airport, partner webinars and a full day Of Dream Maker training taking place on April 1st.

Last October, InteleTravel staged its 2022 conference. InteleTravel details that interest in the group has been growing throughout Ireland since then. The business model offers a low barrier to entry with a minimal initial cost and a modest monthly subscription.

InteleTravel shares that new agents have been attracted by the ease and value offered by InteleTravel’s business model, which aims to bring a new sales pipeline into the industry.

InteleTravel has, in the past, stated its ambition to further its expansion and the next stage of its plan includes Canada, Europe and beyond. InteleTravel currently operates in the UK, US, Mexico and throughout the Caribbean.

“It’s taken a lot of planning but we didn’t want to launch until we had everything in place,” said InteleTravel UK director Tricia Handley-Hughes.

“We now have a great opportunity to encourage this new pipeline of talent into the business and nurture them from the start using our outstanding training programme.”

“New registrations have been much higher than expected, primarily because of our business model, and we are delighted to welcome so many new members. Our partners are excited at the prospect of potential new revenue streams that will help boost their Ireland business.”

InteleTravel has reported a strong start to the year in the UK, with bookings up 41% in January and 35% in February compared to the same period last year. The company also shares that average booking values are also up 24%.

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