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Industry Re-Launch Evening at Dunloe Hotel & Gardens

The 5-star Dunloe Hotel & Gardens, located close to one of Ireland’s most iconic tourist destinations, the Gap of Dunloe, hosted its official industry re-launch event recently after undergoing an 18-month, stunning renovation of the restaurant, bar, reception, lobby and lounge spaces as well as the enhancement of the gardens and car park.

Guests were treated to a VIP experience that was launched with a red-carpet arrival followed by an evening of entertainment, drinks and dining from the new menu.

The evening commenced with a champagne and canapés reception in the brand new Upper Lounge area, while pianist Maurice Collagen serenaded guests before they were seated for dinner in the refurbished Grill restaurant.

Michael Brennan, Managing Director, Killarney Hotels Ltd; Jason Clifford, General Manager, The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens; and David Cronin, Group Sales & Marketing Manager; at the industry re-launch evening for the hotel.

Michael Brennan, Managing Director, and David Cronin, Group Sales & Marketing Manager, Killarney Hotels Ltd, addressed guests on the evening, thanking them for their support and welcoming them to the newly refurbished Dunloe Hotel & Gardens, before a spectacular performance from Anúna, Ireland’s national choir.

The evening concluded after performances by Liam O’Connor and Maurice Collagen before guests retired to their rooms where they received a special gift from the hotel team.

Dr Isolde Liebherr, Liebherr International, with her daughters, Stephanie Wohlfarth (left) and Johanna Platt

Guests on the evening included the owner of Killarney Hotels Ltd, Dr Isolde Liebherr and her daughters Stephanie Wohlfarth and Johanna Platt.


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