In Conversation with British Airways CEO Sean Doyle & Other Agent-Related Updates

In Conversation with British Airways CEO Sean Doyle & Other Agent-Related Updates

Global Sales Video Update: in conversation with CEO Sean Doyle

British Airways’ head of global sales Mark Muren was joined by CEO Sean Doyle, who shared his thoughts about the future of British Airways and the travel industry. Click on image to view.

Booking Portal Update

The IAG Booking Portal has made two improvements to handling bookings in disruption:

  • The IAG Booking Portals will now receive disruption notifications for NDC bookings that have been created outside of the Portal by registered agents. These bookings will be serviceable within the Portal.
  • Disruptions will be serviceable without requiring a notification in the system, so any bookings disrupted prior to the release in January can now be serviced.

The refund functionality is now live on the IAG portal. The Portal now receives notifications for disrupted NDC bookings that were made outside of the Portal. This means agents can now able to make NDC bookings through their preferred channels and still be able to service any disruptions through the Portal.

We also no longer require a notification in the system in order for you to be able to service a disruption. If you know the reference and can retrieve the booking, you can service the disruption in the Portal.

VeriFLY App now includes flights to Ireland

As of the 2nd May, VeriFLY can now be used on outbound UK flights to all destinations in Ireland.

Extension for On Business Tier Status & Points

On Business members Tier Status will be protected until the end of 2022. BA is also extending the expiry date of any On Business Points due to expire in 2021 to 31 December 2022.

Tier Status Protected for Loyal Executive Club Members

Members  whose Tier Point collection end  date falls between 1 July and 31 December  2021, will have their Tier status protected  for an additional 12

months,  irrespective of how  many Tier Points they  earn.

High Speed Wi-Fi with .Air

All aircraft in the BA fleet are now enabled with highspeed Wi-Fi.

.air allows customers to browse the web, send and receive emails/instant messages and stream music, video content and films including Netflix.

Diamond Air Meet & Assist

British Airways has agreed a partnership with DiamondAir International, who provide Meet & Assist airport services for customers flying in and out of selected airports, with more airports to be announced in due course.

There are 2 services on offer to choose from: Airport Concierge and Airport by Invitation.



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