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Hotel Prices Increasing on the Mediterranean

Mabrian has conducted a study of average hotel prices by room type for all the main Mediterranean destinations: overall prices are up on 2019, but not everywhere – and Greece is a big surprise, with increases up to 110% in five-star rooms. 

Carlos Cendra, Sales & Marketing Director at Mabrian comments: 

“With few exceptions, all the main Mediterranean destinations are seeing modest increases on average prices from 2019 across three, four and five-star hotels.

“France is the main exception, with a 12% and 11.3% drop in prices for three and four-star hotels respectively – but it’s worth pointing out that it is not all bad news, as its five-star hotels are still the most expensive in the region at €419 per night (and up by 13.2% compared to 2019).

“Meanwhile Egypt’s prices are up strongly across all three categories, at 25%, 40.9% and 48.3%.  But Greece is the real star here, with four and five-star hotels seeing a 62.7% and a 110% increase respectively.”

Jack Goddard
Jack Goddard
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