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High-Energy, High-Tech Productions on Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in entertainment with the debut of cutting-edge productions on stage, in the air, under water and on ice onboard Symphony of the Seas, with US astronaut Clayton Anderson featuring in scenes aboard the International Space Station in a new show, ‘Flight: Dare to Dream’.

The show is a one-of-a-kind journey through the past, present and future of air travel and space exploration that will make history as one of the most ambitious stage productions to date. Guests take off on a spectacular adventure through time, chronicling key milestones in aeronautics, beginning with the first leisure voyage to Mars and ending with a homage to the Wright Brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk.

A Royal Caribbean Productions original, ‘Flight: Dare to Dream’ introduces cutting-edge 3D flying technology, video and automation to the 1,401-seat Royal Theater. Going where no stage has gone before, space and zero gravity will be simulated as actors ‘float’ within a detailed replica of the International Space Station. The first theatre set piece of its kind, the detailed design of Royal Caribbean’s ISS was informed by astronaut Clayton Anderson, who lived 167 days in space and completed 38 hours 28 minutes over six spacewalks in two separate missions.

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to relive my five months aboard the International Space Station for this out-of-this-world Royal Caribbean production,” said Clayton. “I worked with Royal Caribbean to ensure that the show’s zero gravity simulation, and appearance of the ISS replica, were as true to life as possible to further enhance the show’s wow factor.”

Royal Caribbean Productions is the first team to consult with an astronaut that lived in space for a live theatrical production. Complex, high-impact choreography and production also take form in 3D flying with a custom-built recreation of the Wright Flyer that will take off into the house; the set piece will have a 22-foot wingspan and single-seat ‘cockpit’.

“We continue to push the envelope with high-tech, immersive entertainment at Royal Caribbean, and we could not be prouder with how ‘Flight: Dare to Dream’ has brought to life the awe and wonder of flying,” said Nick Weir, Vice President, Entertainment. “Guests from five to 95 years old will not believe their eyes, as all our shows onboard Symphony of the Seas capture their imagination and create jaw-dropping I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened moments they won’t soon forget.”

Three additional headline shows across three distinct stage venues on Symphony of the Seas, include:

  • 1977 in Studio B is the continuation to ‘1877’, the ice-skating show introduced on sister-ship Harmony of the Seas, featuring the time-traveling hero, Tempus. In his latest adventure, Tempus heads to London where a mysterious jewel thief with special powers has stolen the Queen’s crown jewels on the eve of her Silver Jubilee. Timing is everything in this imaginative original ice show, featuring high-tech projection mapping images that bring the 1970s to life on the ice.
  • Hairspray, a guest favourite, gets a makeover for Symphony of the Seas with new choreography and staging of the Tony Award-winning musical. The larger-than-life, Royal Caribbean Productions’ original introduces revolutionary set design, taking the story of loveable teen Tracy Turnblad in 1960s Baltimore, to the next level.
  • HiRO raises the bar on Royal Caribbean’s aqua shows with more high-flying feats, unexpected stunts and extraordinary acrobatics than ever before. Brought to life by the world’s best extreme-sport athletes, HiRO pushes the limits of a theatrical production at sea with cutting-edge technology and choreography. No two shows are the same, making it worth seeing twice. The show features 3D flying technology used by aerialists as they literally soar above the crowd, plus acrobats and professional divers.

Cutting-Edge Entertainment Venues

  • The AquaTheater is the distinct high diving, acrobatic performance space found only on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class of ships, featuring an open-air amphitheatre overlooking the ocean and a performance pool – the deepest at seas – with hydraulic lifts and 10-metre diving platforms.
  • Ice shows at Studio B pair world-class skaters performing extraordinary skills against stunning multimedia visuals and audio. Guests watch as the surface of the ice rink transforms before their very eyes, blending fantasy with reality.
  • The Royal Theater is a spectacular, state-of-the-art space seating 1,380 guests, and enlisting cutting-edge technology to create a performance environment that is enthralling and immersive.


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