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Hertz Donates 1,000 Computers to Charity

Hertz has donated 1,000 computers to Irish social enterprise charity Camara Education, which will refurbish them before dispatching them off to east Africa to help improve the education of children there via technology.

Paul Bermingham and Nicola Finlay, Hertz, with John Fitzsimons, Chief Executive, Camara Foundation


The donation of the PCs from the Hertz Europe Service Centre for ethical reuse will have the potential to transform the lives of 19,000 children in East Africa, said John Fitzsimons, Camara Education’s CEO.

The computers donated from the car rental company will help give the children a better education through technology and the opportunity to break the poverty cycle in which they might be in.

Camara Education, a social enterprise and charity, specialises in the reuse of computers to educate children in disadvantaged schools in East Africa, Jamaica and Ireland.

It refurbishes computers that are often donated from large companies when they are upgrading their IT resources. Such companies see the advantage of keeping computers in the lifecycle and donating them to social causes such as Camara.

The charity loads computers with educational software and distributes them to disadvantaged schools.

To date, the charity has reused over 27,000 computers in this way, benefiting over 500,000 children, who have received a better education as a result.


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