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A Handful of Emotions Awaits You in Ferrari Land

Do you fancy car oil’s odour? Are you passionate about red? Are you crazy about speed? Do you vibrate with the roaring clatter of an engine? If the answer to these questions is affirmative… Ferrari Land, the brand new theme park by PortAventura World, is your destination!

The very first theme park in Europe built after the famous Cavallino Rampante Scuderia is located in a 70,000 square metre area. Inside, you will find the best rides, restaurants and stores, all decorated to make it look and feel just like the most renowned symbols in Italy: St Mark’s Campanile in Venice, Enzo Ferrari’s house, La Scala theatre in Milan, and even the Coliseum of Rome!

For those looking for proper thrills, Ferrari Land offers two amazing rides that will certainly leave you breathless: Red Force, the highest (over 110 metres) and fastest (0 to 177kph in just five seconds) vertical rollercoaster in Europe; and two 55-metre free-fall and bounce-back towers. But there is still more to come! A 570-metre circuit will make you feel like true racing drivers and, right in the middle of the theme park, you will get to discover the Ferrari Experience, an incredible 4,000 square metre building that will take you through a truly amazing technological experience. Are you really going to miss it?

If you would like to feel like a proper F1 driver, you had better try the Trattoria, the Italian restaurant real racing drivers eat in at the legendary Maranello factory.

The race is about to start then! In 3, 2, 1… Poweeeeerrr!


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