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Go Shooting in Las Vegas

Ever fancied firing a real gun? Well, now visitors to Las Vegas can actually fire a real firearm. Guns & Ammo Garage is a state-of-the-art shooting range located just off the Las Vegas Strip. The 8,100 sq ft facility includes a 12-lane range as well as a gun retail area. The range is 20 yards long and offers a variety of targets for shooters of all skill levels. Each person selects a paper or 3-D, zombie-themed target.

Novices and gun experts alike can choose from shooting packages that include the following high-powered weapons: Thompson Machine Gun, M4, Uzi, HK USP/Glock 9mm, AK-47, Remington 700, Shotgun, 9mm -45 Auto Sub-machine, P90, FN Scar Semi, M9/1911, MP5. Located just off the strip, this really is a great visitor experience. More info on www.gunsandammogarage.com


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