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Get active with AWTE Active Challenge 2022

Dust off the cobwebs and get active with AWTE Ireland.

AWTE is partnering with Dublin Airport to bring you on a virtual tour around the world with their Active Challenge 2022

The challenge will run for 6 weeks starting today 10th Jan 2022 and finish up on Sunday 20th Feb 2022.

How it works

Each week, Dublin Airport will share a list of 10 destinations that fly directly from Dublin. Every week has a specific We will have a specific travel theme each week (such as ski holidays, winter sun, city breaks) to bring you on a virtual tour of the world.

You can track your activity on Strava. For every run, walk or swim make sure to track it via Strava. So for example, if you do 4 activities this week you have visited the first four destinations from Dublin Airport.

For those participating, we will have a Whatsapp group where we will share photos and motivational texts with each other. The more inspirational the better!


To sign up for the challenge, you can:


In reward for getting active, there are lots of fabulous prizes up for grabs.

Dublin Airport will give away a fabulous prize like lounge vouchers to a lucky winner each week

For the person with the most tracked activities, there is a grand prize of a VIP Platinum services experience for two.

We will have bonus prizes for those who post up photos of your activity and photos from any of the destinations on the week’s list you have visited.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest information. So get active and get posting to WIN!


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