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G’day mate: Intrepid Travel expands Australian tour range

Intrepid Travel has expanded its Australian programme ahead of the country’s reopening.

New tours include more active and wellness itineraries as well as trips that highlight local food and wine.

Itineraries give travellers the opportunity to hike along the red rock slopes of the West MacDonnell ranges, swim in gorges in Kimberley, or identify traditional medicine plants in Perth.

Zina Bencheikh, the operator’s managing director, EMEA, said: “It’s wonderful news that Australia will be reopening its borders to vaccinated travellers.

“Our new trips delve deeper into Australia and its diverse cultures, histories, landscapes, food, wine and more.

“Australia is home to the oldest continuing culture in the world. Our First Nations experiences give visitors an amazing opportunity to learn about cultural traditions that have been passed down through the generations for thousands of years.”

For more information on these trips, visit Intrepid Travel.


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