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France to Become the Most Visited Destination by 2025

France was regularly in the top space, but since the pandemic, it was overtaken by Spain. However, last year (2022), France attracted some 66.6 million visitors, and according to GlobalData, that figure is expected to grow by 12.1% per year, which means that by 2025 it is estimated that 93.7m people will visit the country.

“Visitation to France and Spain will remain strong in the years to come, with festivals, culture, and gastronomy being a big pull for tourists,” said Hannah Free, GlobalData travel and tourism analyst.

While France in general has appeal to tourists, Provence, with its warm weather, beautiful landscapes and revered cuisine, is a particularly popular destination with wine playing a significant part.

Brice Eymard, managing director of the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence revealed in a recent interview “In 2021, the CIVP launched the free Destinations Vins de Provence app, available on IOS and Android, that helps visitors to the region see what wineries are offering in real-time. It allows new visitors to find activities according to what they want to do on their trip, whether it’s discovering new vineyards, tasting wines, sampling the local gastronomy or simply having fun. Regularly updated, it connects fans of the region’s rosé directly with its winemakers.”

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