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Explainer: What the new Covid restrictions in Italy mean

Italy has tightened its Covid restrictions from today, January 10.

What’s happening?

Italy currently has two passes in use, sort of like a Covid cert on a smaller scale. A Green Pass is a basic statement that the holder has been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from Covid-19.

A Super Green Pass does not include a negative test and can only be obtained by those vaccinated or who have recovered from the virus.

From today, January 10, the Green pass is taking a back step, while the Super Green Pass will be used a lot more.

What is the Super Green Pass used for?

From January 10, the Super Green Pass will be expanded. It will be necessary to present this pass to access bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, cinema and to use public transport.

It will also be used for a range of other activities ranging from wedding receptions and bingo halls to festivals and theme parks.

The Super Green Pass is being made obligatory for all people over-50, as they are considered especially vulnerable if they contract the virus.

What is the Green Pass used for?

From 20 January the basic Green Pass will be needed to access hairdressers and beauticians, while from 1 February it will be required to enter banks, post offices, non-essential shops and shopping malls.

Those unvaccinated will still be able to access grocery shops, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Anything else do I need to know?

If you are going to Italy soon, make sure you check all the travel guidelines before your trip. Countries currently allowed in are divided into two lists – List C, and List D.

List C includes Europe, while List D includes the rest, such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada. Make sure to check which list your departing country is on, as the lists have different entry requirements.

The current rules are also in place:

  • Anyone flying to or from Italy must wear an FFP2 mask
  • Visitors must fill in a self-declaration form
  • Present a negative test result and proof of vaccination.




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