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Experience the Best of Britain from Cork Airport this Winter Season

Cork Airport has a vast array of flight options for business and leisure passengers to Ireland’s nearest neighbour

Cork Airport offers 11 UK destinations for those who wish to holiday closer to home this winter season or visit friends and family.

The Welsh capital, Cardiff, is steeped in a rich history in sport and entertainment. It is compact enough to visit the main attractions by foot and so is ideal for a short and sweet city break.

Venture further north to Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. Famed for the incredible Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this city has so much to offer in terms of culture and atmosphere. The Scottish mystique and charm extend further to hearty Glasgow – the former industrial heart of Britain has an unrivalled music and arts scene. It is home to all of Scotland’s national performing arts organisations, such as the Scottish Ballet and the National Theatre of Scotland.

Flying to England from Cork Airport provides unforgettable and exciting social experiences in the likes of Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool.

The nation’s capital is still a major attraction for outbound travellers. London is home to everything that is inherently and famously British. This city has so much to offer to those who decide to visit and can be conveniently accessed via Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Luton, direct from Cork Airport.

To view all the scheduled routes from Cork Airport, click here.


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