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Expedia TAAP Agents’ Appreciation Lunch at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud

Expedia TAAP today, December 01, hosted an agent appreciation lunch in Dublin’s exclusive Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud kicking off the Christmas season in style.

Catherine Grennell-Whyte of ATTS, the GSA for Expedia TAAP in 17 European Countries led the lunch with class and sophistication as she thanked the trade for their support and explained how the Expedia Platform is a very powerful platform and will help you grow your business.

She introduced Strategic Account Director Gareth Davis, from Expedia TAAP and he explained that a big part of the vision is that they become less of a B to C platform and become more of a B to B client. Mr Davis suggested the vision of the board is that there will be an investment in hotel relationships in order to secure the best commitment for the actual traveller. He acknowledged that travel agents are the backbone of their business.

They are now seeing growth in Q4 which is beyond 2019 levels. And joked that perhaps one day soon we will stop referring to 2019.

Catherine alluded to exciting things coming down the line including an enhanced differed payment system which is essentially a cash flow management platform that has just been launched in Ireland which allows a credit opportunity for agents.

They also have package rates that are very exciting for travel agents, with a new booking system coming into play soon and offers indemnity to the Travel Agent.

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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