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European Rail – Helpful Tips and Trivia

Here are some helpful tips from Voyages-sncf that will help you when you are booking rail, along with some quirky facts that you may not already know!

* Going to Disneyland Paris? There is a train station underneath Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport from which regular high-speed TGV services will take your clients directly to the theme park gates in just nine minutes!

* Paris Gare de Lyon is home to the famous Le Train Bleu restaurant – the perfect place to visit for a pre-departure lunch or dinner.

* French trains are usually available to book three months before travel. Book as early as possible for the cheapest fares.

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* Voyages-sncf can book train journeys starting from anywhere in Europe, making rail ideal for airport transfers and day trips.

* When arriving into Turin or Milan on TGV France-Italy, other Italian cities are just a platform change away with Trenitalia or Italo services.

* Every day 14,000 trains operate across the French rail network.

* Rail is green – flying between London and Paris emits enough CO2 to fill a double-decker bus, whereas emissions for the same journey by train would only fill a Mini!

* Continental high-speed trains operate at up to 320 kph.

To find out more, visit www.voyages-sncf.eu .


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