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EU Countries Unlikely to Reimpose Covid Travel Restrictions

EU countries are unlikely to reimpose Covid-related travel restrictions following an update from the Council of the European Union, urging all Member States to remove any remaining Covid restrictions.

All EU member states have removed their restrictions – Spain becoming the last country to ditch Covid entry requirements (proof of vaccination, negative Covid tests etc) in October – but the updated recommendations from the EU Council makes it clear that no country will impose fresh restrictions, unless there is a widespread resurgence in the spread of the pandemic.

The Council has left the door ajar for some return to Covid restrictions, however, saying the need for a digital Covid certificate and proof of testing may arise if new Covid strains emerge.

While some countries require mask wearing in some circumstances – pharmacies, taxis etc – passengers flying within the EU don’t need to wear masks on flights or in airports.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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