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Emission Cuts and Fuel Savings Targeted in New Etihad/OSyS Deal

Etihad Airways has chosen Rolls-Royce subsidiary Optimised Systems and Solutions (OSyS) to implement a new fuel management solution to maximise fuel use, cut carbon emissions and reduce overall fuel costs. The deal is part of the carrier’s continuing efforts to drive environmental and operational efficiencies on the ground and in the air.

OSyS will provide the software that will analyse the airline’s existing fuel arrangements, allowing Etihad Airways to better prioritise areas where the most effective fuel and emissions savings can be achieved.

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Etihad Airways Chief Operations Officer, Captain Richard Hill, said: “Across our global network, the new real-time analysis will help us achieve a better understanding about fuel saving opportunities. It will allow us to more efficiently compare our planned fuel versus actual fuel used on every flight with the overall goals being to reduce fuel consumption, cut carbon emissions and trim our aviation fuel bills.

“We believe measuring and analysing fuel consumption during all phases of the flight will ultimately pay off in adapting our operational techniques so that we continuously improve the way we operate our flights in relation to flight and fuel planning, flight and ground operation procedures and air traffic system integration.”


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