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Eco-boating – Holiday Without Harm

From the high carbon dioxide outputs of short-haul flights to wasteful single-use plastic containers,
travel habits often have a negative impact on the environment, and the boating industry is no exception.

However, there are many ways we can make sailing more sustainable. Click&Boat works with many boat owners who put an emphasis on sustainability credentials. Respect for the environment, waste management, wise use of fuel, and responsible behaviour; each user can follow clear methods for a greener boating experience.

Although for now, this is limited as alternative energies are still new to the boating industry this is something which will evolve and become the norm over time.

Here, we look at the three boats that go the extra mile to protect the environment that consumers can rent with Click&Boat for sailing holidays this summer:

Neel 51 electric hybrid, Ajaccio, France
Philippe Baudet is the owner of an electric hybrid Neel 51 called Make Sense, available to rent with Click&Boat. This trimaran is equipped with electric motors to reduce its carbon footprint. It has many
eco-credentials including optimum performance and savings. The owner says that for a month he
stayed alongside another boat in the port without connecting to the quay. He recharged the battery
bank in 20 minutes at a cost of just €3.15. Make Sense is equipped with a new type of rectifier which
varies the engine speed according to the voltage that the batteries are capable of accepting. In terms
of cost, the propulsion system induces an additional cost of 3% compared to a boat equipped with a
thermal engine, but with consumption reduced by two making it more sustainable to use.

Comet, Luna 50, Cagliari, Italy
Comet, Luna 50 is another eco-friendly boat, a vintage yacht from the early ’80s, it can be rented by Click&Boat in Cagliari. It is the only vintage sailboat in the world which has an electric motor, wind generators, solar panels, a watermaker and where waste recycling is done. In addition, there are
several freshwater tanks totalling 900 litres as well as blackwater tanks in the toilets to help avoid
water pollution on anchorage.

Solar catamaran, Stockholm, Sweden
Another great eco-option by Click&Boat is Soliner, Solar Catamaran which can be rented for guided
tours or day trips in Stockholm. This boat is completely driven by solar panels making it both
environmentally friendly and quiet. The fleet consists of two boats of the same kind. Both boats
always come with an experienced skipper and they can take groups of up to nine individuals per boat.

For more information, visit www.clickandboat.com/uk

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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