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Countries that are using vaccine expiration dates for international travel

Several countries have set fixed periods of validity for proof of vaccination for international travel.

Earlier this year, Croatia put expiry dates on the validity of vaccinations starting with nine months (270 days) – which effectively meant that travellers who got their second jab in early 2021 would see their vaccine certificate be out of date before the end of the year.

Austria has introduced a limit of 365 days from the date of the last jab, which means vaccinated visitors will have valid vaccine certs throughout the key winter season.

In September, Switzerland opened to foreign tourists and also set a date of one year on vaccination certificates.

Israel’s health ministry has not set any time limit for proof of vaccination, but vaccine passports have an expiry date of six months after they were issued for all entry into indoor venues. This follows the government’s directive that people get a Covid-19 booster shot six months after their last jab.

Vietnam will open up to international visitors in November, but have also introduced a time limit on the validity of vaccines – between 14 days and one year before travel.


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