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British Airways Launches New Emissions Calculator

British Airways is launching an upgraded climate software solution for all customers, which will help them understand, calculate and address their travel emissions.

The airline has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has a comprehensive strategy to get there.

Changes include flying more fuel-efficient aircraft, funding verified carbon offset projects to mitigate emissions on UK domestic flights, investing in the development and scale-up of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and looking at accelerating the growth of new technologies such as zero-emissions hydrogen-powered aircraft and carbon capture technology.

The airline is launching two online platforms to allow customers to calculate their carbon emissions and make environmentally conscious decisions to reduce their impact on the environment when they fly.

For some time, British Airways’ customers have been able to mitigate their emissions from flying by using the airline’s carbon offsetting tool to purchase high-quality carbon offsets and sustainable aviation fuel.

CO2llaborate is an evolution of this carbon offsetting tool, featuring more precise emissions calculations and a new adjustable slider to give customers more control over the amount of SAF versus verified carbon offsets they wish to purchase.

Individual customers are able to access the CO2llaborate platform directly from their seat during their flight using the airline’s free Wi-Fi portal, or at any time before or after their flight by visiting the CO2llaborate platform, which is accessible on ba.com.

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