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British Airways Designs Travel App for iPad Users

iPad users are about to get their own specially designed version of British Airways’ travel app. Available to download from the Apple App Store, the iPad app includes exclusive features such as a new 3D globe to discover British Airways’ destinations and prices and a way for customers to create their own viewing plan for their flight’s movies, TV shows and music.

It is the first time BA’s own in-house design and IT experts have produced an iPad app for the airline’s customers. British Airways was the first UK airline to launch an app with a mobile boarding pass for travellers in 2010 and in the last year alone the number of customers booking through the iPhone grew by over 100%.

Sara Dunham, Head of Marketing Retail and Direct Channels, said: “Our customers are always on the move and are often pressed for time, so designing an app for iPad users made perfect sense. Now they can use the same functions that appear on our smartphone app, with some new extra features, on a wider and even more user-friendly screen. The new app is the latest move to make the travelling experience easier and smoother for British Airways customers.”

As well as a searchable 3D globe to look for flights and book, the new app also has a host of features, including how to find the cheapest fares. Executive Club members also have a screen that shows their status, all their account details, complete with tier points and Avios balances and recent transactions. Members can also access their digital membership card and book flights with Avios. Club members can also view their upcoming flights to check the flight’s status, check in for their flight, see the weather at their destination and download their boarding pass – with a bar code produced in each of the iPad’s four corners, for ease of use at the gate.

Once onboard, customers can check their viewing plan, created by dragging and dropping from the menu of TV shows, movies and music available on their upcoming flight’s Highlife inflight entertainment.


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