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Brand USA Launches New Online Agent Training Platform

Brand USA has announced the launch of a new online agent training programme for the UK and Ireland: the USA Discovery Program at www.USADiscoveryProgram.co.ukAgents can find straightforward information on regions and US states and territories, as well as experiences and holiday themes to provide an holistic overview of the USA as a destination and to enable cross-selling on all aspects of sales to the USA.

Agents can take interactive quizzes to become USA Specialists, and receive award badges as a recognised qualification of expertise. The USA Discovery Program aims to help agents learn more about the USA as a holiday destination, both in terms of this vast and varied country and its regions, states and territories, as well as specialist holiday experiences, such as winter sport, fly-drive and family holidays.

The online learning environment allows agents complete flexibility throughout the course, learning in their own time, at their own pace. There are five regional tests that need to be completed before moving on to the specialist modules, which are more experience based. It is when agents pass these quizzes that they become a USA Specialist, such as a USA Fly-Drive Specialist or a USA Great Outdoors Specialist. The programme has launched with three Specialist experience modules – Big City Buzz, the Great Outdoors and Winter Sports; over the coming months further modules, including Food and Drink, Music/Heritage/Culture, Fly-Drive, Coastal Escapes and Family will be added.

The social side of the platform will also be of benefit to agents. The USA Discovery Program’s social functionality integrates with Facebook and Twitter, as well as being an online forum where agents can become part of a community, sharing knowledge, asking questions and interacting with their peers. Members will also be able to enjoy exclusive live events and webinars with partners direct from the USA. From video training sessions to live Q&As, there will always be something new to ensure agents are kept up to date with the latest from the USA. Other perks of the Program for agents include receiving invitations to attend exclusive events, roadshows and chances to participate in familiarisation trips to the USA, such as the Brand USA Megafam.

Through the programme, Brand USA aims to raise awareness of the USA to frontline staff and to highlight the diversity of holiday experiences, ensuring America is top of mind when speaking with customers. Brand USA’s objective in-market is to rekindle the holidaymakers’ love affair with America – reclaiming the USA’s share of the market and positioning the country as a diverse destination with near limitless experiences still to be explored. By highlighting the country as a fresh and unexpected destination, with welcoming and friendly locals, Brand USA’s intention is to promote the USA as the world’s leading tourism destination for UK and Irish visitors.

“We are incredibly excited to be launching this innovative and interactive online training course,” said Chris Thompson, President and Chief Executive, Brand USA. “We hope the USA Discovery Program will provide agents with the knowledge and skills needed to sell the USA more effectively to their customers.

“By creating a platform that allows Brand USA to speak directly to the agents we hope to give them a voice to deliver feedback on what they would find useful in future modules. This ever-evolving and developing programme has vast opportunities for both agents and US partners to interact, and we look forward to working with them to provide the support and tools they need to sell this land, like never before.”


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