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Bhutan Launches New Website

The Tourism Council of Bhutan has launched a new website, offering travel information and advice to all visitors to the country. The website includes an interactive map, which breaks the country down into Eastern, Central and Western regions, providing information and locations of all available trekking routes, Dzongs, monasteries, hotels and attractions in each region.

It will also give visitors an overall impression of what to expect in Bhutan, from trekking in the Himalayas, to festivals, bird watching, meditation, cycling, rocking climbing and fishing.

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Practical travel advice from the Tourism Council, such as visa applications, money, customs and languages, is offered and all visitors are encouraged to check the website before travelling.

Tourism is one of Bhutan’s largest economies and a priority for the Bhutanese government. Founded on the principle of sustainability, tourism within the country is environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable.


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