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Belfast man sets off to visit every country in the world

A Belfast man has resumed an ambitious itinerary to visit every country in the world, with Syria kicking off his travels.

David Simpson has set himself a target of five years to visit 78 countries.

The 34-year-old has landed, this week in Syria, which marks one of the first steps on his agenda since Covid-19 pressed pause on his plans.

He took to the skies, negative PCR test results in hand and has begun treading the volatile terrain of Syria.

David will also travel to Lebanon as part of that same trip in what he says will be his most nerve-racking itinerary yet. Over the coming year, David has also planned to visit West Africa.

He will also go silverback gorilla trekking in Uganda, drive the length of the Serengeti for the Great Migration and embark on a two-week drive through France — from Normandy to Belgium — and soaking up some war history while some luxury in Seychelles will also feature.

To follow David’s adventure of a lifetime, check out his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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