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Aviareps Group Acquires UK-Based Aviareps plc

Aviareps has acquired the UK-based Aviareps plc (an entity previously independent of the Aviareps Group). The move also saw Aviareps’ own UK subsidiary, Aviacircle Ltd, joining the merger so that all entities will now operate under the one corporate brand of Aviareps.

Announcing the merger were (above) Robin Dobson and Bill Roff, Aviareps plc; Michael Gaebler, Chief Executive, and Robert Keysselitz, Managing Director, Aviareps; and Edgar Lacker, Chief Operating Officer and EVP Europe, Aviareps.

The newly merged Aviareps UK will now be responsible for Bangkok Airways, Ukraine International, Gulf Air, Philippine Airlines, Air Astana, Air Madagascar, Air Botswana, and Air Arabia Maroc. These airline clients joint the existing client list that includes I Love NY, Ontario Tourism, Value Retail, Hawaii, Caribbean Airlines, Hawaiian and Azul Airlines, The Basque Country, Chile Tourism, and Idaho Tourism.

The acquisition of Aviareps plc will not only further strengthen and expand the localised expertise of Aviareps plc and Aviacircle within the UK, but also directly link them to the Aviareps global network of clients and international best practice derived from its 55 offices in 43 countries on six continents. As a result of the merger, Aviacircle Ltd will be renamed as Aviareps UK encompassing all merged clients.

The new arrangement, which came into effect from 21st May 2015, will see the Aviareps Group now responsible for 250 clients internationally and employ 650 professionals across the 55 offices.

Robert Keysselitz will head the UK operations as Managing Director, Aviareps UK. Bill Roff and Robin Dobson, former Joint Chief Executives of Aviareps plc will become consultants to the Aviareps Group while also fulfilling business development roles.

Michael Gaebler, Chairman and Chief Executive, Aviareps Group, said: “Our similar corporate names and dedication to client satisfaction and excellence makes this exciting development a natural marriage. Our decision to further invest and expand our commitment within the UK tourism industry reflects our confidence in the future development of this market for inbound, outbound and domestic travel.

“Through this action we have expanded the number of market specialists and competencies within our operations to fully benefit and provide greater value for UK tourism authorities, airlines, airports, trade promotion organisations, retail brands, hotels and resorts, to easily access a fully integrated global network that understands their needs by delivering results. Similarly, our global network of clients will now have an expanded and fully integrated specialist team on the ground within these three markets to provide greater access than ever before to their local tourism and travel trade professionals, media and consumers.”

Bill Roff, Co-Founder and Joint Chief Executive of the former Aviareps plc, said: “The decision to join the Aviareps Group represents an important milestone not only for Robin Dobson and me personally, but also for our entire professional team, esteemed clients, and indeed the UK tourism landscape as a whole.

“Through this merger our clients and all related parties can progress confidently knowing that not only will they have access to exceptional expertise in GSA, representational and marketing services, but also be in association with what is now one of the leading such entities within the UK market, and the leading entity globally.”


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