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Australia’s Northern Territory Wants your Help Naming a Baby Kangaroo!

Meet the beautiful new baby red kangaroo that has been taken into care at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in the Red Centre of the Northern Territory, Australia.

Pictured is the big, dark-eyed, fluffy joey – she is approximately six months old and is currently too young to come out of her specially made pillowcase pouch, which is where kangaroo joeys live until they are approx. 9 months old. CUTE!

She is very big for her age though, and has a new best friend already that she loves to cuddle up with – another joey at the sanctuary named Princess!

There’s just one thing this baby is missing: a name!! So – the Kangaroo Sanctuary is inviting animal lovers to help name the little girl.

If you’d like to claim the naming rights of one of the cutest baby animals in Australia, click here and leave a comment on what you think the name should be before Monday, May 31st!

Stay tuned to the Northern Territory Facebook page for updates on little Joey’s name, and her progress as she grows!

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs rescues, rehabilitates, and releases orphaned baby kangaroos back into the wild. Those who can’t be released into the wild are released into the 188-acre sanctuary, for visitors to meet and learn about.

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