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ASM Ireland Receives ‘Green for Micro’ Accreditation

Leading airline and travel GSA, ASM-Ireland has received Green for Micro accreditation.

And it all started during COVID.

According to ASM’s Alan Sparling: “When lockdown kicked in, we began looking at new and innovative ways to stay in touch with our agents. That led to the decision of building a new website with an Agent Hub & Chat Bot to give agents 24/7 access to all our suppliers sales and marketing materials. It also meant agents could quickly ask questions and get immediate answers on the Chat Bot. The new website was our first step to becoming a greener business.”

With sustainability a huge topic for the travel industry, Mr Sparling and the team began looking at other ways to reduce ASM’s carbon footprint. That led to being accepted by the local LEO for the Green for Micro programme, which offers mentorship on ways of becoming more sustainable and developing a green policy for your business.

ASM’s Jo-Ann Raleigh said: “Some of the steps taken might seem small, but for us, what is huge is the mindset change that now influences our day-to-day planning and workload. We now separate all office waste to ensure maximum recycling, lighting was replaced with LEDs, we’ve had the office insulated improving our R value, no plastic cups are used and when office bound, instead of picking up that morning coffee we now brew our own.”

Mr Sparling said: “If we all make just one small change, surely this has to help, so we decided to make it happen.”

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
Geoff has worked in business, news, consumer and travel journalism for more than 25 years; having worked for and contributed to the likes of The Irish Examiner, Business & Finance, Business Plus, The Sunday Times, The Irish News, Senior Times, and The Sunday Tribune.

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