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Army to Help with Short-Term Security at Dublin Airport

The Government has agreed to a request to have the army on standby to assist the DAA with security at Dublin Airport.

In an unprecedented move, Minister for Transport Eamonn Ryan requested that the Government allow short-term deployment of the Defence Forces to help with operations at Dublin Airport.

Travellers have experienced issues with security over the past several weeks causing delays and in some cases, missed flights.

While the DAA has said in a statement that they are satisfied with the additional measures they have put in place since the beginning of June, they are concerned with a spike in Covid cases among staff and requested back-up from the Government.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Eamonn Ryan said ”I expect that the DAA will continue to manage through the summer period with passengers who heed the relevant advice making their flights and the majority of passengers passing through security in less than 45 minutes”. He emphasised that this move was merely a ‘contingency measure’.

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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