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And We Have…The Monthly Winner of ITTN Photographer of the Year, Sponsored by Emirates

We have the first winner – and runner-up – of the year in our monthly ITTN Photographer of the Year competition, sponsored by Emirates. We may not be travelling any further than 5km from home, but we’ve had an amazing first month of the competition: if anything, it proves you don’t need to travel far to get some great shots. A big thank you to those who entered and remember, if you didn’t win this month you can enter again next month…and the months after that. And to those who didn’t enter – what are you waiting for? There’s some great prizes on the line!

The runner-up for January is Marek Maslowiec, Atlas Travel. Congratulations – you win a brand new, limited edition ITTN reusable cup, which will be sent out to you ASAP.

Just Chillin’ in the sun (Marek Maslowiec, Atlas Travel)

But the winner is Jeanette Coughlan, Travel Counsellors for her picture of the Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan.

Congratulations! Not only have you won one of our special edition reusable ITTN cups, but you’ve also pocketed a cool €100 and are in the final to win TWO flights anywhere on the Emirates network before 31st December 2022. And that final will be held at a lunch in July which you will be invited to attend.

Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan (Jeanette Coughlan, Travel Counsellors)

The competition starts all over again today, as we search for our second winner – and the theme for February is of course love. After all its Valentines so it can be love of a child, a pet, a parent, a grandparent, a partner, your friends, a destination, a location…whatever makes your heart skip a beat. So get snapping and send them to [email protected].




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