Almost Half of Americans Still Planning a Summer Holiday

Almost Half of Americans Still Planning a Summer Holiday

A new study from NordVPN has revealed that almost half of Americans (53 per cent) are still planning a summer holiday this year, while 23 per cent claim that nothing could stop them finally getting to travel once more. However, 55 per cent would consider cancelling their travel plans if the pandemic flares up again.

The Vacation Study surveyed 1,007 consumers about their personal security and safety concerns with travel in the upcoming summer months. While 53 per cent said they plan to go on summer vacation this year, 16 per cent are still undecided. And despite the 23 per cent saying that “nothing” would stop them, it seems that others do have a breaking point when it comes to summer travel this year, including…

  • 41% – A surge in COVID-19
  • 40% – Another pandemic
  • 31% – Unsure where to go that is safe from COVID-19
  • 22% – Making vaccine passports essential to travel
  • 14% – A resort/hotel without secure internet access

Should another surge in COVID-19 happen this summer, 55 per cent will consider cancelling their holidays altogether. Additionally, more than half of Americans are either concerned about booking their vacation too far in advance because certain countries may enforce travel bans ahead of their vacation timing (54 per cent), destinations will be limited because of COVID-19 risks in certain countries (50 per cent) or that summer vacation destinations will be limited because of vaccination privileges regarding passports or testing (53 per cent).

Vaccine Passports

This all while two thirds of Americans (66 per cent) said they would get a vaccine passport if it were required to travel, even though the US may not require vaccine passports. 62 per cent would still get one if it’s required to visit other countries. However, 39 per cent are concerned that vaccine passports may not be available in time for use during their summer vacation. 65 per cent feel the same or less secure traveling now that some people are vaccinated, but others are not.

Would you rather…

When asked what Americans would “give up in order to go on a safe and unrestricted summer vacation this year”, 18 per cent would give up things like sex, snacks or even using the internet, and even more would give up:

  • 36 per cent – Gambling
  • 33 per cent – Drinking alcohol
  • 32 per cent – Video games
  • 32 per cent – Social Media
  • 28 per cent – Marijuana
  • 20 per cent – Watching/streaming movies and TV shows

Vacation Travel: Concerns with Internet Access

More than half of Americans say they use public Wi-Fi when they travel, including 61 per cent that use public Wi-Fi in hotels and another 38 per cent that use public Wi-Fi to make online purchases or access bank accounts while on the road. The study shows that concerns for their security on public Wi-Fi is very high in airports (63 per cent), hotels (62 per cent) and restaurants and bars (62 per cent).

The survey also reports that some travellers go to lengths to protect themselves, with more than one third (36 per cent) that use different passwords when they travel abroad (internationally). When it comes to changing passwords needed for travel anywhere, 20 per cent change them both before they leave and after they return, 18 per cent only change passwords before traveling, 16 per cent only change them after traveling and 46 per cent do not change any passwords when traveling.

“Most public Wi-Fi networks lack even the most basic security measures, making users huge targets for hackers,” said Daniel Markuson, digital privacy expert at NordVPN. “That is why using a VPN, which encrypts all traffic through mobile devices, is one of the most secure methods travelers can take to protect their information while using public Wi-Fi.”

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