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Allie’s Apex Adventure: Day Four

Every day aboard Celebrity Apex is about having fun, so today I thought I’d focus on all the ship’s incredible shows and entertainment options.

Celebrity Apex has not one, not two, but three theatre productions on board: the Tree of Life, Crystallise and Rockumentary.

The shows are all exclusive to Celebrity, and the amount of talent and work that goes into each of their production is so clear to see.

The cast and production crew all spend months putting the shows together under the watchful guidance of production manager Max, who has so much passion for her job that it comes across in all of the shows and the absolutely brilliant casts (the video gives an idea of what goes into each show).

The Theatre

The theatre for all three shows is a spectacular bit of tech. All of the productions are designed around the new 20-foot-tall 4K LED screen comprised of 17 million pixels that curves 110 feet around the stage to immerse you like never before.

And no matter where you’re sitting, you get a perfect view of the action.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an all-singing, all-dancing show that brings you through life’s special moments.

It’s centred around a two-ton, 18-foot-tall Tree of Life that has 2,842 LED leaves.

It’s a really uplifting show, and the tree itself is transformed throughout as each of the heartwarming stories are told – very emotional!


Crystallise stage

As good as the Tree of Life is, Crystallize has been my favourite…so far. It’s described as a “multi-sensory spectacle like you’ve never experienced before…” You can say that again. I spent the whole show with with my jaw to the ground, completely mesmerised by the aerial acrobatics and the incredible light show.

At the end, I tried describing it to someone and all I could say was ‘wow’ – and I’m rarely at a loss for words!!


By the time you read this, I’ll probably be sitting in the theatre watching Rockumentary, which tells the story of rock music through the ages.

The exciting bit is that all the passengers get to choose a song for the finale through the app; I’m excited to find out if my selection was the one chosen!

Other Entertainments


The three main shows are obviously the big attraction, but they’re not even the half of what’s available on board.

There are other popular shows on board too, like the must-see Caravan, which is a Celebrity twist on the circus variety show.

It creates an intimate setting in the club for the cast to showcase their incredible talents.

I thought I was flexible, but I may as well be the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz compared to how this cast can move, twist and turn.

Eden Cafe

Night of Dreams in Eden Cafe

As well as a restaurant, Eden provides a space for on-bard entertainment.

I’ve had a blast from the silent disco where some people were listening to Abba while others were grooving to the Backstreet Boys.

It was both hilarious and very entertaining to hear people singing their respective tunes while wearing noise-cancelling headphones!

Eden is also where I saw Night of Dreams, the story of Alice in Wonderland as told by the talented Cast of Caravan and again the show was absolutely amazing.

And that’s not even counting the almost endless number of singers, events and games on board – and did I mention there’s also a comedian who is honestly very funny?

We also had karaoke night, and to be fair there was a lot of amazing singers as well as some not so amazing ones, but the audience got involved with all the performances and there was an endless amount of volunteers to sing Karaoke with the live band.

Karaoke Time!!

There is live music around the ship each evening, and also some DJs between the club and the rooftop deck.

Shaun Brown doing his smooth thing

My personal favourite is Shaun Brown and his band who offer smooth jazz and soul music, which is lovely to listen to while sipping on a martini!

All the activities and performances for the day are available in the app on the daily planner and you can add them to your personal calendar so you don’t miss anything.


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