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Airport Lounges are Driving Revenue and are Increasingly in Demand

Over half (57%) of the frequent flyers surveyed for Airport Dimensions’ new Airport Experience Research reported visiting the airport lounge at some point in their air travel journey.

People these days are spending more and more time at the airport, whether it’s while awaiting their initial departure or during a layover between connecting flights and with this the demand for a comfortable place to spend time has increased.

A private lounge with a plethora of amenities seems to be what people want and the data shows they are willing to pay for it.

Airport Dimensions’ research revealed that, while lounges were once primarily the domain of business travellers, passengers are increasingly using these premium spaces purely for enjoyment.

Over half (56 %) of participants reported using lounges to access the more traditional business facilities; yet, more than three-quarters (78 %) said they visit these spaces for the food options, while 68 % said they went to make use of leisure amenities.

The study discovered that one-quarter (25 %) of travellers who avail themselves of lounge spaces so do due to their cabin class, while nearly one-fifth (19 %) are able to enjoy lounges as part of loyalty programs like Priority Pass, the same percentage (19 %) do so via their elite membership status with airlines and 18 % pay outright for entry.

The consumer survey also revealed the prevailing trends when it comes to demand for digital services while visiting airport lounges. Travellers’ primary concern (83 %) access to flight information was access to flight information, while 80 % pointed to the ability to order food and beverage online as a priority and 72% prioritised the ability to book lounge amenities digitally.

On top of that, nearly two-thirds (65 %) of respondents emphasised the importance of being able to access airport retailers online while they’re at the lounge, while only 12 % didn’t feel this aspect was important to them.

It turns out that lounge-goers are also increasingly ready and willing to pay more for an enhanced airport experience, with survey participants saying they’d be happy to spend extra on premium food and beverage options. More than half (56%) also indicated they’d gladly spend more for grooming, personal care and spa services at the lounge to amplify their in-airport experience.

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