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air Canada turns red to mark release of new Disney film set in Toronto

Air Canada has turned its aircraft red ahead of a new Disney and Pixar movie, Turning Red.

Check out what they’ve done down below.

Andy Shibata, Vice-President, Brand at Air Canada, commented, “As Canada’s largest airline and the country’s flag carrier, our collaboration with Disney and Pixar for Turning Red, directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Domee Shi is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Canadian talent and bring the best of Canada to the world.”

“We wanted customers of all ages to be able to enjoy the special livery and be a part of the excitement around this very special Canadian moment.”

The film centers around Meilin “Mei” Lee, a confident 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian growing up in Toronto. ho is torn between staying her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. Mei’s world gets a little bit more complicated, as whenever she gets too excited or stressed, she “poofs” into a giant red panda. 

Domee Shi said. “I made Turning Red a love letter to Toronto and everything Canadian, and now to see the film celebrated on the airline that literally brought my family and me over from China when I was little is especially meaningful to me. I cannot wait for Canadian audiences and people around the world to see the film, and hopefully, fall in love with Canada just like I have.”

Turning Red will stream exclusively on Disney+ on March 11.


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