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2022 Survey into Travel ‘Pet Peeves’ Finds That People are Most Irritated by Covid-19 Related Issues

A survey taken by Passport-Photo.Online, interviewing 1,000 Americans about their Air Travel Pet Peeves discovered that most Americans wouldn’t say anything if another passenger annoyed them, with 49% saying they would tune into personal earphones instead.

Other points from the study included the following:

  • One of the worst air travel pet peeves in the US is “passengers who don’t cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing,” according to 76% of the respondents.
  • Nearly 67% of US travellers aren’t happy with ever-changing travel restrictions, testing requirements (66%), passengers who don’t wear (properly) face masks (74%), and those who don’t practice social distancing (70%).
  • Nearly eight out of 10 US holiday makers say “poor cleanliness and safety on the plane” as well as “lack of overhead bin space near one’s seat” drive them mad the most about airlines.

Respondents were asked what’s the longest they can spend in the sky before they start to feel uncomfortable. The most popular answer was “3–4 hours”, which 36% of Americans picked.

As for peeves before flying?

Most people (78%) fume the most when others shamelessly cut check-in or security lines, with 35% saying it happens often or very often. 

The least annoying air travel pet peeve?

“Passengers who applaud when the plane lands,” as indicated by 58% of Americans.

See the full survey here:

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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