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UK Travel Marketing Firm Expands Into Ireland

UK travel marketing and PR firm Cellet Marketing and Public Relations, is expanding into Ireland.

The move is part of the Oxfordshire-based company’s wider expansion, which will also see it opening a regional office in Scotland.

Cellet’s first Irish office will be located in Belfast and will be staffed by highly experienced marketing and travel trade personnel.

Yolanda Fletcher, Cellet’s Managing Director, commented: “Over the past few years, the numbers of Scottish and Irish holidaymakers travelling to the USA has steadily increased. We have always worked closely in these areas but to develop their full potential, for our clients, and to better serve our partners and the travelling public in Scotland and Ireland, we felt it was important to have offices there, run by local people who understand their needs and expectations”.

Cellet has recruited Lynsey Lamont, Account Manager, to manage its operations in Ireland.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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