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Hoteliers Warn of Serious Risk to Tourism Posed by Aer Lingus Dispute

Irish hoteliers today warned that the disruption to Aer Lingus flights poses a serious risk to tourism with worrying implications for business levels and Ireland’s reputation as a holiday destination. Michael Magner, President of the Irish Hotels Federation called on both parties in the dispute to meet as a matter of urgency and come to an early resolution that avoids any further disruption to passengers.  

Mr Magner stated: “There is enormous concern throughout our industry given how important Aer Lingus is for inbound visitors, particularly for transatlantic and long-haul flights. We are already seeing hotel cancellations as guests change their holiday plans, and there is a risk that this pattern of cancellations could escalate over the coming days.”

“It is hugely disruptive and a dreadful outcome for Irish tourism, including for the many thousands of downstream hospitality businesses the length and breadth of the country that heavily rely on tourism during the peak holiday season,” say Mr Magner. “We are calling for a suspension of the industrial action and the threat of escalation and for both sides to engage positively in the interests of passengers and visitors to the country. Any further disruption risks significant damage to Irish tourism and must be avoided.”

Allie Sheehan
Allie Sheehan
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