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Daa Eyeing Anti-Drone Technology at Dublin Airport Before Summer

The daa is hopeful that much-anticipated technology to tackle illegal drone flying activity near Dublin Airport will be operational ahead of the peak summer travel season.

The practice of people flying drones close to Dublin Airport and within airspace has played havoc with services in recent times, with the airport temporarily shut-down six times this year and numerous flights and passenger journeys disrupted as a result.

The new technology – which will chiefly be used by the Dublin Airport fire services crews – will be able to control drones which fly within 5km of the airport’s airspace.

Daa spokesperson Graeme McQueen told ITTN: “We’re hopeful of having it up and running in a matter of weeks and in advance of the peak summer period. We have bought the equipment and our team are trained to use it, so as soon as we get the green light from regulators we are ready to go.”

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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