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From ‘Excited Experientialists to Pioneering Pathfinders’ – Amadeus Outlines the Four Faces of the New Traveller

Leading travel technology company Amadeus has forecast how people will travel over the next 10 years, by identifying four distinct traveller brackets people will fall into.

It forms part of its Travel Tribes 2023 research study, versions of which it previously published in 2007 and 2015.

Sustainable travel, unsurprisingly, plays a big part of the emerging new trends; but an openness to new technologies also features.

Amadeus’ Four Emerging Traveller Tribes are:

  • Excited Experientialists – this group has a ‘try it and see’ approach to life and travel. Some 44 per cent are without children and have a mid- to high-income job with flexible working options, which enables them to readily explore the world. They have a ‘you only live once’ approach.
  • Memory Makers – this group takes a more simplified approach to travel: to make memories and visit places. Some 44 per cent are aged 42 and over and are habitual in their travel behaviours. The future can be a daunting prospect for them. They put people first and place less value on technology and sustainability, reassured by existing methods.
  • Travel Tech-fluencers – this group includes today’s young business travellers with a forward-looking perspective on life. Some 48 per cent of the group are under the age of 32 and their perspective is symbolized by how much technology they own. However, there is a discord when it comes to what excites and concerns them around the future of technology and travel.
  • Pioneering Pathfinders – individuals in this group live a fast-paced life, always looking for their next adventure. Their life is in full swing, with 82 per cent between the ages of 23 and 41. They like to plan but are not afraid of risk and are open to new experiences.

“As an industry we want to build travel experiences that are both inspiring and inspired. And we can only do that by understanding what travellers want now and into the future,” said Amadeus’ president of travel, Decius Valmorbida.

“As we look ahead, it is clear that what the Excited Experientialist will require will be different from that of the Memory Maker.

“As technology advances through AI, biometrics and the Metaverse, we are able to deliver more tailored journeys that meet the needs of different types of travellers – whether it is the desire for speed, comfort, reassurance or excitement.”

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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