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Don’t Lose Your Luggage: 10 Tips for Smart Packing

The issue of luggage has become highlighted in the past month with so many bags not arriving at destinations in time for holidays.

On Saturday I appeared on the Brendan O’Connor Show on RTE to talk about how to pack smartly in one bag, so you can take it in on board. 

Most airlines will allow a 10kg bag on board with your reservation. However, low-cost airlines are now charging to bring a 10kg bag on board. The only free space you have to use is under the seat in front and this area is only 40 x 25 x 20 cms, or 16 x 10 x 8 inches. It only provides enough a space for a few days away somewhere hot. 

Maximise Your Baggage Allowance

Here are ten ways to maximise the 10kg baggage allowance to ensure your holiday clothes and stuff arrive with you.  

 1. Weigh your travel bag before you start packing – soft bags weigh less. That will give you an idea of what weight you have to use.  
2.    Wear the same clothes out and back, your heaviest clothing including shoes/trainers. 
3.    Spread your clothes out on the bed and see what you could do without, before packing. 

Samsonite 2.3kg bag

4.    Plan your colour scheme, then you can mix and match outfits and wear items more than once 
5.    Decant liquids into small plastic bottles. Use a small ziplock bag for containers of liquids, the maximum 100ml or 3.5oz each up to 10 bottles. Or you can buy the small containers of shampoos, gels, conditioners, sunscreen etc., you need in the pharmacy airside at the airport. 
6.    Bring an empty water bottle and fill it in the fountain in the airport – all airports have water fountains now. Just ask where it is. For children bring some of the concentrated Miwadi or Robinsons Drops 66ml and you can add a flavour to the water.  
7.    Think about shoes, they take up lot of space. I only bring two pairs ever, one to wear and one to pack.   
8.    Fold or Roll? Rolling things like tee-shirts and soft items is best, they can be stuffed into corners. Smart clothes should be folded. Summer linens are perfect for hot weather. Steam in the shower to release creases. 
9.    A wrap is a great alternative to bringing a towel for the beach and can double as a quick drying towel as it folds very small. 
10 And no books, download your favourites to your phone or tablet or buy them in the airport and donate to the next visitors, many hotels have small library areas for guests.   It is always important to have travel insurance, in case any very special items are lost or go missing.

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