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“GoPro” with Nova Scotia Canada – Competition Time!

Tourism Nova Scotia is offering a chance to win a GoPro – just simply click the link in the button below to register and complete the Nova Scotia online training. All those that complete the training by 19th October will be automatically entered into the competition and in with a chance to win. Read on to learn more about some of the fantastic fall festivals where you could put a new GoPro to use. To complete the training follow the link – https://novascotiauk.experttraining.eu/en/

Fall in(to) Nova Scotia

Autumn is a particularly lovely time of year in Nova Scotia. The leaves begin to turn from their bright, lush summer greens to the warm rusts, golden yellows and fiery reds of fall. As the season changes we wave goodbye to the balmy evenings spent lazing in hammocks on the boardwalk and welcome the cosier nights bundled into bars or huddled around a camp fire kicking up our heels to the sound of a fiddle or two. One of the fantastic foodie festivals taking place in September is the 6th annual Oyster Festival. 

Each fall, the internationally recognised Halifax Oyster Festival presents an all-you-can sample raw bar, over the course of three tasting sessions held on the Halifax waterfront. The festival highlights the best in Nova Scotia and Maritime oyster culture and farming. Since 2014, this independently run festival has consistently proven to be one of the best food festivals in the city. 23 – 24 September 2022. To continue the foodie festivities, we have Devour! The Food Film Fest is an international festival celebrating cinema, food & wine culture that takes place in the culinary epicentre of Nova Scotia. The 12th edition of Devour! will take place from October 24-30, 2022. While it has reduced in scope due to the global pandemic, the destination has devised their second hybrid festival, making it safe and enjoyable for everyone with in person activities, while also streaming many aspects of this year’s festival.

Celtic Colours International Festival

The Celtic Colours International Festival is a unique celebration of Cape Breton Island’s living traditional culture. For nine days in October visitors can discover hundreds of events and activities taking place in communities across the Island. As an ode to Nova Scotia’s Scottish Heritage the highlands come alive with the sounds of fiddles and pipes whistling on the wind. Venues are filled to the brim with revellers; floors bouncing and vibrating with the sound of happy souls hitting the boards and dancing the night away to Scottish Reels. Throughout the course of the festival visitors can whirl from one Ceilidh to the next; attend concerts held across the island or join one of the many campfire gatherings popping up along the coastline.  From weaving, quilting, and Celtic knot workshops, locals and visitors are spoilt for choice with the wealth of activities on offer – all set against the stunning scenery of The Cape Breton Highlands. 7th – 15th October.

For more on this stunning destination, check out https://www.novascotia.com/.

Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen
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