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A Crafters Evening with SLO Cal

Ever wanted to experience the more relaxed and craft side of California? Yesterday evening Jack, Allie and Fionn attended the SLO Cal Crafters evening in the Wren Urban Nest.

It was great to meet Chuck Davison, CEO of SLO Cal Tourism and the SLO Cal team. The venue was well suited to the event as Wren Urban Nest is known for sustainability and the Slocal aligns itself with sustainable tourism.

SLO Cal pride themselves on their local crafts with locally sourced produce. This was evident last night as we tried some breads with olive oil and wine from the area. Slocal has over 200 winerys and we learned that weather helps to get the incredible taste, going from 100 degrees fahrenheit during the day to 40 degree fahrenheit at night allowing the grapes to expand and contract.

‘Life’s too beautiful to rush’, the main message of Slocal was conveyed through Chuck’s presentation. He talked about the relaxing energy in the area and mentioned that everyone who visits the area has to have a picnic and bonfire on the beach, which to me sounds ideal.

Thank you to Slocal and the team at Black Diamond for a wonderful evening, and for the gift of olive oil, I can’t wait to try it.

Allie Sheehan
Allie Sheehan
I have worked in the travel industry for seven years, from working in American Holidays and The Travel Corporation I have a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of travel. Before joining ITTN I worked for Facebook which gave me the inside knowledge of the wonderful world of social media. I have a BSc in Event Management and am also a qualified beauty therapist (which definitely comes in handy in this business). Recently I joined the AWTE Ireland committee and I am enjoying working with and connecting with the network of women in travel.


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